Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Obama in Kentucky

When Barack Obama ran for president in 2008, he made a special pitch in Kentucky.

He told voters there he was a man of faith. A special campaign flyer was printed to drive home the point. Mr. Obama was standing in a pulpit, the cross clearly visible in the background.

2008  Obama Campaign Flyer
Barack Obama. Committed Christian.

But once Mr. Obama became president, strange things began to happen. Georgetown University, a Catholic institution, was asked to cover religious symbols when Mr. Obama spoke there.

Then the president began omitting references to the Creator when quoting from the Declaration of Independence.

Today, the Obama administration wages war on Catholic institutions, demanding they provide free contraception through employee insurance plans even though such coverage violates teachings of the Catholic Church.

Mr. Obama's campaign didn't re-use his Committed Christian flyer leading up to this week's Kentucky primary. But I suspect many a Kentuckian remembers how he played them in 2008.

Mr. Obama's overt Christian pandering of four years ago is likely just one of the reasons more than half the counties in the state chose 'undecided' over Barack Obama in Tuesday's 2012 Kentucky Democratic Presidential Primary.

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