Friday, May 11, 2012

Occupy embraces anarchy

Most reviewers panned Occupy's efforts surrounding May Day. We heard the word fizzle a lot.

Except in communities where so-called Black Bloc anarchists took to the streets, made some noise, and broke some windows. Adbusters, one of the entities that helped pull Occupy together in the first place, takes note of the anarchist swing:
“American anarchists haven’t experienced this much positive public attention since the euphoria and aftermath of N30 in Seattle,” writes one commentator. For many, the Black Bloc represents a tactical innovation that suggests the future of Occupy. “Occupy is dead, long live the Black Bloc,” writes another. 
Adbusters touts the Black Bloc as a growing influence within Occupy, and says it sees it as pushing the movement in unexpected directions.

Things have been mostly quiet since May Day. That could change with announced plans for protest surrounding the G-8 and NATO summits.

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