Sunday, May 20, 2012


Democrats were outraged last week when they learned of a memo where a Republican consultant described Barack Obama as a Metrosexual Black Abe Lincoln.

Was it the Abe Lincoln tie that bugged 'em? That's nothing new. In June 2008, Time's Joel Klein noted:
"Barack Obama has never been shy about comparing himself to Abraham Lincoln."
Was it the word metrosexual that set 'em off? Just last month, it only triggered a chuckle when MSNBC's Charlie Cook used it:
"I mean, we have kind of a metrosexual president … that doesn’t go over well in the small town. And it’s just cultural. It is what it is."
Could it be Democrats are getting antsy about the president's race? C'mon...

But it's odd that Democrats seized on terminology and charactizations they've been using, often touting, themselves.

Or was it the consultant's memo bottom line that worries 'em most? A push to highlight Mr. Obama's own record of failure by way of a renewed targeting of his past ties to controversial theologian Jeremiah Wright?

It sounds like Dems may be worried that some of the stuff that got an easy pass in 2008 might get some real scrutiny this go-round. And if so, Jeremiah Wright may only be the beginning.

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