Thursday, May 31, 2012

Questionable photos in uniform

A couple of photos recently came to my attention. Each seems to use U.S. military personnel in uniform to push a practice, social cause or agenda. 

Many in America will see these two photos as harmless, but not everyone shares today's American values. 

Critics go bonkers when some soldier is snapped in a pic posed with a corpse on a battlefield or with an incarcerated Muslim, but photos like this might just as likely provoke a violent Muslim backlash against U.S. troops.

If you're in the military or know someone who is, think before you exploit the uniform and the service it represents. And think doubly hard before publishing or posting questionable content on the web.


  1. I am trying to figure out why the Muslims would violently attack US troops for this picture? Muslim women are encouraged to breastfeed their babies for two whole years. Women covered from head to toe can be seen nursing their babies on a park bench.

    1. The Muslim world is not monolithic. What may get a pass in states like Jordan may not fly in Iran or Saudi Arabia or in the back regions of Afghanistan. Are you arguing the photo in question complies with conservative Islam's modesty standards?

  2. Since I am not intimately familiar with the Islam modesty standards are, I could not reasonably argue that point.

    Looking online, I did find:
    "There is a wide range of attitudes about public breastfeeding in Middle Eastern countries. In traditional societies, breastfeeding is generally the norm. Islamic law requires feeding until age two, and some interpret Jewish law to require it as well. In Jordan, women stay inside with their babies for close to a year.

    There may be other reasons that public breastfeeding is rarely seen. In many traditional cultures, women are segregated to begin with so the issue of public breastfeeding doesn’t come up. In some cultures it’s acceptable to nurse in front of male relatives but not strangers. In stricter Islamic regimes, like Iran and Saudi Arabia, women are never seen breastfeeding in public, whereas in Jordan it is fairly common."

    I have looked online and found several pictures of women in full burkas, breastfeeding in public, some making no attempt to cover the breast. But I could not tell you where the woman was located.

    But none of that tells me why the Muslims would violently attack US troops just for seeing this picture?