Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Shotgun rumor runs wild

It's all over the web. The ATF is moving to ban shotguns that hold more than five rounds, the warnings declare.

I've seen it posted so many places. Here's one. And another one.

Here's a chain: A Free Republic post links to site called the Tea Party Economist which then links to its source, something called the Greeley Gazette.

Graphic from ATF shotgun report
released January 2011
In fact, all posts that cite their source seem to track back to the Tea Party Economist and then back to the  Greeley Gazette. But if you go to the Gazette's link, you'll see the root post is over a year old. And yes, the Gazette was right. Back then, there actually was something afoot.

In January 2011, the ATF released a study and made a pitch to ban importation of some tactical shotguns. And the ATF sought public comment. There was a huge public uproar, the ATF left the proposal to die quietly.

In fact, Congress has since acted to protect shotgun imports.

Bottom line, I see no need for alarm here. And it's kind of disappointing to see so many failed to vet an issue before sounding another wave of alarm. I'd rather deal with stuff that's really on the table than be distracted by something that an alert public successfully pushed off the table and defanged a year ago.

That said, if anyone has specific current information that the ATF or the DOJ or the White House has pushed or will shortly push for additional firearms restrictions, I'm all ears. Otherwise, I'm spending my time on other stuff - including the vetting of candidates in upcoming congressional, state and local primaries.

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