Thursday, May 17, 2012

Trayvon Martin shot at 'intermediate range'

NBC News is reporting that's what the autopsy concluded. And a lot of other media have picked it up, without defining what "intermediate range" would be.

NBC Today, in initially reporting the story, offered a description that may surprise many. Here's what Today's transcript says:
...the medical examiner's report says there was a soot ring abrasion and a two-inch by two-inch area of stippling. this is a gunshot residue expert and the chief medical examiner in bekxar, texas. 
>> it's emerging from the muzzle of the gun. based on the size of the pattern, the range was most likely between two and four inches.
MSNBC's re-write of the story for general web consumption didn't include the proximity details in the original NBC report. Why not? USA Today also picked up the NBC story without defining "intermediate range," and apparently overlooked how NBC chose to refine use of term in the telling of its original telling of the story.

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