Saturday, May 12, 2012

Who's the bully now?

If you contribute to the Romney campaign, you may be subject to harassment for being 'anti-gay.' 

The Weekly Standard reports:
"Three weeks ago, an Obama campaign website, 'Keeping GOP Honest,' took the extraordinary step of publicly naming and assailing eight private citizens backing Mr. Romney," Kim Strassel of the Wall Street Journal reported. "Titled 'Behind the curtain: a brief history of Romney's donors,' the post accused the eight of being 'wealthy individuals with less-than-reputable records.' Mr. VanderSloot was one of the eight, smeared particularly as being 'litigious, combative and a bitter foe of the gay rights movement.'"  
What's next? Obama people gonna slip out at night and paint a big yellow "R" on the windows and doors of Romney supporters' homes and their businesses? 

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