Monday, May 21, 2012

Bizarre and violent attack near Chicago

And it apparently had nothing to do with NATO.

It appears a group of violent anti-racists chose to attack a group of white nationalists while the nationalists were having lunch at an Irish pub in Tinsley Park, Illinois.

Hammers and clubs were the chosen offensive weapons of the day. Media reports indicate a statement claiming credit for the attack was later posted on the anti-racists' website.

The Chicagoist has one telling of the story with various additional links.

Gateway Pundit also has a compilation.

The attack sounds more like the kind of tactics used by Italian Fascists against the Communists during Mussolini's rise to power than something I'd equate with American anti-discrimination activists.

Was this an isolated incident? Or a warning sign of where America's heading?

One other question: Will Eric Holder and the Justice Department act decisively to investigate this incident as a hate crime?

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