Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Economic insanity tops the next 'Don and Doug'

The Euro maybe the European Union may be on their last legs. But all the new solutions being bandied about sound like the old solutions that didn't work. One of the knuckleheads on CNBC even says the U.S. should take the lead and orchestrate a European bailout. We'll recap that insanity and more.

Anyone remember the Peter Principle? It seems to be alive and well in politics and government at home and abroad.

There's other stuff to talk about too: Things like Wisconsin, Jesse Jackson's plans to march on gun shops (just like he did five years ago), and will Romney veer to the middle now that the nomination's sewn up?

What's it all mean for you and me? We'll try to connect some dots Thursday (June 7) at 1:00 pm EDT with Don and Doug on

Update: We didn't get to Jesse Jackson or Mitt  Romney this show, but we worked a bunch of other stuff in. Second half hour we talked about some of the old family photos I posted on the blog earlier this week, and discussed how community organizing was different in America's good old days than it is now.

The June 7 Don and Doug show is now available on the TalkSouthRadio on-demand player.

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