Sunday, June 24, 2012

Military exercises in St. Louis

I don't go bonkers over every military exercise staged around U.S. cities. These exercises have been going on for decates. I had a chance to witness one in Atlanta in the early 1990s that simulated an urban hostage rescue, under the premise the Marines involved would sharped skills that someday might be needed to carry out a overseas embassy extraction.

But the increasing frequency of these exercises, along with scope and scale, may be crossing even my threshold for concern.

Case in point: St. Louis. Gateway Pundit and Zero Hedge have each noted the operation underway there.

Scariest part of the whole operation? According to a local TV report, people there are welcoming troops in the streets because it might cut down on crime.

Crime fighting and domestic civilian suppression are not roles for the U.S. military. Those who welcome even the appearance of it do not understand what they are inviting.

Our founding fathers would have had fits is they saw standing armies routinely rolling through our communities. In fact, many of the founders resisted the idea of a standing army for defense because it might be used to suppress the liberties of U.S. citizens.

Be careful what you welcome under the guise of more security.

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