Friday, June 1, 2012

Report: Greek prisons running out of food

The ongoing Greek financial crisis has triggered a food crisis in some prisons. The Greek news site Proto Thema says prisons are literally running out of food:
The latest example is the prison in Corinth where after the supply stoppage from the nearby military camp, the prisoners are at the mercy of God because, as reported by prison staff, not even one grain of rice has been left in their warehouses. When a few days earlier the commander of the camp announced to the prison management the transportation stoppage, citing lack of food supplies even for the soldiers, he shut down the last source of supply for 84 prisoners. The response of some Corinth citizens was immediate as they took it upon themselves to support the prisoners, since all protests to the Justice ministry were fruitless.
Food shortages (or instances where people can't afford food) appear to be increasing in Greece. Proto Thema also reports the Hellenic Animal Welfare Society is asking prosecutors to investigate reports of dogs being caught and slaughtered for food in Athens.

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