Friday, June 15, 2012

Striking differences between two of tonight's network newscasts

I shot this email to a friend around 6:45 tonight after watching the CBS Evening News. Here's the gist of what I said:
CBS News tonight was anchored from London. I missed the top of the 'cast, but by five minutes in, the focus was  devoted to Europe, the Euro and Greece.

From what I saw, the content included a pitch for a stronger union in Europe. But another segment opened and closed referred to the European Titanic, with Greece as the iceberg. The segment's closing referenced Europe 'already taking on water.' 
If the American MSM is moving toward 'crisis mode' coverage... what's in store in the weeks ahead? 
On the other hand, with Katie Couric gone, CBS seems to be the one of the former Big 3 that seems to cling to any sort of editorial objectivity. NBC and ABC seem to direct their casts more toward creating favor with the White House rather than informing the U.S. population. 

Here in Atlanta, ABC's World News airs at 7:00 pm so I clicked over to watch. Diane Sawyer rang out right on cue.

ABC led with the brave move by President Obama to protect undocumented aliens who've grown up in America.

Story 2 on Sawyer's rundown: Mr. Obama pushes back against a heckler in the Rose Garden.

Story 3: Thanks to President Obama, a graduating high school student from Miami will go to college next fall on her way to becoming a heart surgeon.

Greece and Europe then rated 20 to 30 seconds of a brief script read by Sawyer.  During that half minute, she covered the U.S. stock market as well. Then Sawyer moved on to a wildfire story followed by a feature about a guy who planned to walk a high-wire across Niagara Falls tonight.

After the wire-walker segment, Sawyer expressed relief the high-wire guy would wear a safety harness. And she mentioned ABC would air his attempt live later in prime time. By then, I'd had enough. I moved on to other things.

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