Thursday, July 19, 2012

Back from a road trip

I've been on the road since Sunday.

North to Cincinnati for a day, and then my wife and I took the long and winding way home through Portsmouth, Ohio; Louisia and Pikeville, Kentucky... and then through a bunch of other little towns and crossroads working  my way over to Knoxville, Tennessee.  We made the final leg home today in part by taking U.S. 11 aka the Lee Highway.

I'll share some thoughts about the trip on tomorrow's (July 20) Don and Doug program. I've largely been out of contact, so I'm not sure what Don's picked out for the program but whatever it is, but I suspect he's found some good stuff to bring to the show as well.

Show starts at 1:00 pm EDT and will go to 3:00 on 

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