Monday, July 30, 2012

Do we travel a road long ago predicted?

Rep. Brad Miller
Brad Miller is a Democrat and a congressman from North Carolina. He also seems to express a lot of confidence in the capabilities of today's big government. In a story on the gun control debate after the Aurora shootings, Miller was quoted Sunday by the Greensboro News-Record:
“Given the power of the military now, the weaponry available to the military and the powers of the government, the idea that armed citizens are an important check on government just seems unrealistic.”
Want to hear something crazy? Congressman Miller's assessment echos the thoughts of Patrick Henry, who in 1788, warned of giving the federal government too much power:
"What resistance could be made? The attempt would be madness. You will find all the strength of this country in the hands of your enemies; their garrisons will naturally be the strongest places in the country."
Patrick Henry
The difference between Miller and Henry is that Miller seems to embrace the concept of superior government force. In 2007, he was among cosponsors in an attempt reauthorize a national assault weapons ban, a move that would presumably tipped the scales ever farther in government's favor in terms of monopoly of force. Pat Henry, on the other hand, referred to people who back such moves as the nation's enemies who lead us down the road to "absolute despotism."

In 1788, Mr. Henry had a question regarding the end to such a journey. It still deserves consideration today. "What will then become of you and your rights?"

As for Congressman Miller, his time in Congress is coming to an end.  Last year's legislative redistricting put him in a district with another long-time Democrat, and Miller chose not to see reelection.

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  1. The German Army in WWII, not constrained by political correctness, found it very difficult and costly in men and materiel to clear the Warsaw Ghetto of essentially unarmed civilians who had the will to resist. And the German Army also had to commit forces, at times as many as nine divisions, for the duration of the war to keep the Balkans under control.

    And how is our powered up military and government doing at bringing the, compared to America, tiny country of Afghanistan's armed citizens under control now 10 years into the effort?

    Miller is just another leftist idiot who substitutes rhetoric for fact and does nothing to further intelligent debate about the issue.