Thursday, July 12, 2012

First there was the zombie apocalypse warning...

Last year it warned of a zombie apocalyse...

Now the CDC offers official advice on how to deal with the stress of planning a wedding.
You’ve put in a lot of work leading up to this event, so the idea of a back-up emergency kit shouldn’t be too far-fetched.  The bridal kit should include extra safety pins, makeup for touchups, maybe a few sedatives. It also wouldn’t hurt to have the essentials from a home emergency kit or “go-bag” by your side.  You never know when you might need to bandage up a clumsy flower girl, revive a passed out reception guest, or even evacuate.
Has the CDC strayed from its core mission? Do we really need to spend government money to produce a web page on the stress and material required to pull a wedding event together?

Wedding planning is just one more aspect of our lives we can't handle on their own without government government guidance and intervention?

Okay, I get it. The CDC is trying to be cute while trying to trigger some kind of response to get Americans to grasp the most basic concepts of disaster preparedness. But by going to such degrees of silliness, do does it undermine the message it's trying to present?

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