Thursday, July 5, 2012

Godzilla's out there somewhere

We're moving our weekly Don and Doug webcast to Fridays for July. This week's show will be July 6th at one o'clock Eastern.

A lot's happened since our last show. We'll recap and update with the latest on the health care ruling and Eric Holder being held in contempt of Congress. And we'll look at how Europe continues to founder. We'll get into some more obscure stuff too.

But the biggest point we'll try to tackle Friday is how the masses remain oblivious to the significance of any of it.

Don says what's happening is like a theme from a Japanese science fiction movie: The political and social earthquakes have stirred up a Godzilla of destruction. He has been sighted below the surface between America and Europe, no one knows where he will come ashore first, and the authorities are keeping the people in the dark and feeding them platitudes.

Agree or disagree? 

And if government leaders are only leading us into deeper troubles, what sort of action can regular folks take to protect themselves and their families from the inevitable result of where they have us heading?

Talk about it Friday at 1:00 pm EDT on TalkSouthRadio.comWe take live callers at 678-433-9926. We also interact on Twitter during the show @TalkSouthRadio.

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