Sunday, July 1, 2012

The government's insanity grows

Obamacare was passed with Democrats insisting there was no tax attached. Just a penalty for non-compliance. However, in court, the Obama administration argued the penalty actually was a tax.

Justice Roberts allows the law to stand only because he deemed the penalty is really a tax.

Now we have Democrats who denounces Republicans for attacking the Obamacare tax.

The Hill reports Congressman Henry Waxman says attacks are phony because there's no Obamacare tax. And the White House is playing that game as well. According to to them, it's still a penalty you can choose to avoid by buying health insurance.

Justice Roberts allowed Obamacare to stand as written without the law acknowledging the means by which he let it stand. By doing so, he allowed the lying out of Washington DC to rise to new levels of absurdity. The left continues to insist there's no tax in Obamacare.

A bunch of Americans will be coerced into paying some kind of Obamacare fee without the government even having the ability to agree whether the fee is a tax or penalty. The Supreme Court tells us we have to  pay a tax the two other branches of government still refuse to admit exists.

Why is it so many Americans still treat lies and spin out of Washington like they're some kind of special wisdom the rest of us are simply too dumb to understand? Historian Milton Mayer noted that the German people in the 1930s fell for the same kind of tricks and treachery.

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