Saturday, July 21, 2012

Not a normal election year

In a normal election year, an incumbent president would at least pretend to steer toward the center, trying to convince the voters he represents middle America and the country's core values.

This year, President Obama has clearly staked a course to the left, pitching class envy and catering to progressive special interests.

What could his motive be?

Does he think the country has followed and has fallen in love with his fundamental transformation of America, and wants him to take it to the next level?

Could he be intentionally trying to lose the election, knowing his policies and performance so far have set an irrevocable course for a crash early next year?

Is it possible he and his team plan some super-secret extra-ordinary October (or thereabouts) surprise intended to herd the country back into his arms?

Or is the answer simply found in the fact that his campaign and administration are both so dominated by far lefty group-think that they don't even realize how out of step they are on so many issues?

While the reasons behind the Obama strategy remains unclear, I stand by my initial observation. This is not a normal election year.

And I've gotta ask: Is the Romney campaign savvy enough to adapt to the odd circumstances? Or will it try to run the race as if conventional rules apply?

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