Monday, July 9, 2012

The clock is ticking

Times are anything but normal. And as political powers keep kicking the can forward, it's clear to see that's more than a pothole in the road ahead.

Daniel Greenfield dissects the current U.S. and European economic mess from what seems to be a libertarian to conservative viewpoint:

Meanhile, author and blogger James Howard Kunster's road comes from the left, but he still sees  a  destination that looks much the same:

Bottom line: Too many games have been played for too long in attempts to distort economic realities and fool the people.  But like Kunstler said, it can't go on forever: "Reality dislikes fraud and accounting tricks. Reality is serious about settling scores."

What's unclear is how much time we have left. But based on the rising levels of absurdity in official rhetoric, coupled with diminishing returns for each new and bigger gimmick designed to stave off economic disaster, I'd say time's getting very short.

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