Tuesday, August 7, 2012

About Petraeus VP chatter

So, there's some buzz Mitt Romney would like CIA Director David Petraeus as his running mate.

First off, be skeptical. First public word of this apparently came from Barack Obama.

CIA Director David Petraeus
But, yeah, Petraeus would fit the Romney mold. In the past, Romney has portrayed himself as a middle of the road kind of guy. And Petraeus has risen in assignments and appointments under both presidents Bush and Obama. A bipartisan resume like that would have been warmly welcome by the yesteryear's Romney.

Petraeus would also give Romney an out for not picking a well-credentialed conservative or someone with Tea Party values. Hard to diss the guy who masterminded the Iraq war surge.

But there would also be danger in picking Petraeus. We know nothing of his personal politics. By saying that, I'm not knocking him. A lack of partisan politics, or failing to disclose them,  may be good thing in the kind of key posts Petraeus has held to-date.

However, if Republicans pick someone without a clear political record, they run the risk of putting yet another person high position not knowing if he's really aligned with their principles.

Is the GOP ready to risk another shocker like the one it got from Justice Roberts?

I applaud General Petraeus and his exemplary service to our country. But entry into the political arena just months before a crucial election probably wouldn't be the best use of his talents. And Republicans would be better off with someone already possessing a solid GOP identity.

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