Thursday, August 9, 2012

Armed resistance

Police in Southern California are investigating whether two attempted armed robberies were the work of the same hold-up crew.

In each case, one in Garden Grove and other in Westminster, the robberies were foiled when store owners pulled out their own firearms.

In one case, a suspect was shot in the face.

In the other, police released surveillance video showing the bad guys making a quick retreat.

And here's one more example where a gun stopped a crime in progress. A man in Plano, Texas heard someone breaking into his home. He retrieved his gun and called 911.  Before police could arrive, the man says the home invader ran up the stairs and charged at him. The man fired his gun, stopping the invader.

Update: Here's three more shot, one of them dead, after an attempt to burglarize a gun and ammo business in South Carolina. Looks like it happened earlier today.

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