Monday, August 6, 2012

Big Sis is shopping again

screen grab of solicitation
But why?

It appears the Department of Homeland Security is itching to buy some high-tech explosives that comes packaged in rolls.

It's called PrimaSheet. It apparently can pack a punch like C-4, but is in convenient rolls to allow easy use when busting through walls. Cut and trim and blast your way in with any shape opening you desire. It's also rubberized and waterproof.

Here's the DHS solicitation. It seems to lack a lot of the usual details - like how much of the stuff  DHS is looking to buy. No way to tell if it just wants some samples for lab study, or wants enough to take down whole cities.

Could this be more of the stuff Mr. Obama had in mind in 2008 when he spoke of building a well funded, well equipped civilian national security force to meet undisclosed national domestic security objectives?

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