Wednesday, August 22, 2012

DOJ targets Gallup

Just over two months away from a national election, Eric Holder's Justice Department joins a lawsuit targeting a national pollster. The Daily Caller reports:

The Department of Justice announced Wednesday that it has joined a whistleblower lawsuit against The Gallup Organization, claiming the respected polling outfit violated the False Claims Act. 
Filed by former Gallup employee Michael Lindley, the lawsuit alleges that the company made false claims, inflating the number of hours it billed federal agencies for polling services. 
“Contractors must understand that it is unlawful to use inflated estimates to obtain higher contract prices,” Stuart F. Delery, acting assistant attorney general for the department’s civil division, said in a statement. “The decision to join this civil lawsuit underscores the commitment of the Department of Justice to recover federal funds that are unlawfully claimed.”
If Gallup committed an unlawful act, why doesn't DOJ criminally prosecute those responsible?

I grow ever more skeptical of  government law enforcement that chooses to pursue prosecution at a lower civil standard, knowing the vast level of federal resources can intimidate even the most powerful corporate defendant. Is this more about justice, a financial shakedown, or just a push to show who's the boss?

And coming so close to an election, this move on Gallup by the Holder gang smells all the more.

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