Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Grid crash

India's power grid catastrophe shows us the downside of over-dependence on inter-connectivity. reports:
Apart from trying to impress upon the states to follow grid discipline so that excess power isn’t drawn, the power ministry is also looking at contingency measures such as isolating critical infrastructure such as trains, airports, the Delhi Metro and water supply systems so that power supply to them remains unaffected in the event of grid failures such as those in the last two days.
Over half of India lost power when three regional power grids crashed on Tuesday. And that followed smaller scale disruptions on Monday. Power is finally being restored today. 

All this makes me wonder how things will play out here at home when the many American coal plants prematurely shuttered by the Obama administration finally go off line in the next couple years. Some U.S. regions are losing a lot of capacity. Others, not so much.

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