Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Joe Biden's vital role

If you think Barack Obama made a dumb move in picking Joe Biden as his VP, think again.

Daniel Greenfield at SultanKnish makes the case that Biden is exactly what progressive Democrats want:
Joe Biden, never a serious candidate, was the perfect match for Obama. A dumb old white man, to confirm all the dirty impulses of the left, while mockingly giving mainstream Democrats someone they could relate to. Biden's gaffes aren't an embarrassment, they are the whole point, signaling the end of the old American era of leadership. Their implicit message is that you can choose a McCain or Biden, another old white man, or the savvy multicultural representative of a new generation that looks like the America of 2050.
Let it sink in. Read Greenfield's whole essay.

Until Obama's gone, Obama's revolution continues. Poor old Joe probably thinks he's part of that revolution. When in fact he's no more than a prop to represent what the revolution seeks to unseat.

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