Friday, August 10, 2012

Just vandalism, or something more?

There's a lot of attention being focused on a military journal's fantasy scenario of the army being called in to put down Tea Party insurrection sometime around 2016. 

But there's a very real escalation happening now between two sets of forces. And the Tea Party isn't one of them. The San Francisco Examiner reports:
At least eight police vehicles were damaged in San Francisco and Oakland last week by activists who are reportedly opposing a federal investigation into anarchism and vandalism in the Pacific Northwest.
The Examiner reports windows were broken, paint splashed inside the cars, and tires were slashed. These actions are more than just protest. They put public safety at risk by putting law enforcement resources out of action.

The Left may indulge itself in fantasies of a right-wing insurrection some time in the future. But are we already be seeing signs of a left-wing insurrection brewing out west?

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