Thursday, August 30, 2012

No credible threat, but....

American law enforcement takes further steps toward 'normalizing' a higher profile armed police presence on public transportation. notes:
To date, there has not been a credible terror threat involving an NJ Transit bus. 
"No, we have not seen that," NJ Transit Police Chief Christopher Trucillo said. "But we have got to be forward-thinking, and we look at what goes on in other parts of the world." 
Terrorists have attacked transit systems in Spain, Great Britain, India, Japan and Russia. 
That was the impetus for "BusSafe," a counterterrorism and criminal deterrence effort NJ Transit rolled out Wednesday as part of a national initiative to increase the police presence on America’s mass transit bus systems.
Note the key word: National. While the cops on buses may wear local uniforms, the federal government is the force behind the push.

Undercover cops are part of the mix too. The plain clothes angle was emphasized when BusSafe was rolled out earlier this year in Houston.

While there are those who fret the Department of Homeland Security is becoming a national police force, it appears its ability to co-opt local law enforcement is more conducive strategy toward implementing a police state type presence while raising the fewest alarms among the general population.

Meanwhile, it appears the meaning behind Barack Obama's words of 2008 are becoming ever more clear. And, best I recall, Mr. Obama never has articulated what national security objectives he was referring to in calling for a vastly expanded civilian national security force.

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