Saturday, August 4, 2012

The NRA-ILA has a position statement in opposition to the proposed on-line ammunition bill introduced in Congress this week. It says, in part:
The proposed bill would turn back the clock to the days when ammunition was only available in person at licensed stores, driving up prices and making less popular cartridges nearly unobtainable for millions of lawful gun owners. The effect of all of these proposals on competitive shooters, who buy ammunition by the case lot for consistent accuracy and shoot tens of thousands of rounds each year in practice, would be especially devastating. And because the word “ammunition” is defined in federal law to include components such as bullets and empty cartridge cases, the bill would be disastrous for handloaders--especially those who enjoy shooting rare, historic cartridges.
The sponsors of the bill are counting on half-truths and public ignorance in their early attempts to sell the bill to the public. Don and I talk about a lot of it on Friday's (August 3) show. Our discussion was in the second hour.

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