Friday, August 24, 2012

Who has the extremist party?

In Florida, Republican Karen Harrington is running against incumbent and Democrat National Committee Chairman Debbie Wasserman Schultz for Congress. Wasserman Schultz has been fond of painting Republicans as extremist for some time now.

Harrington has now fired back with a very effective ad:

The message plays well in Florida, but should strike a chord with viewers elsewhere too. Last year, Democrats couldn't say enough good stuff about Occupy Wall Street. Some, like former White House adviser Van Jones, said Occupy would bring "the turning point in the progressive fight-back" over the Tea Party movement and the Republican surge it delivered at the polls in 2010.

Today, Occupy has fizzled. Most its adherents, having grown cold in last winter's weather and apparently disillusioned they didn't spark an instantaneous collapse of capitalism, apparently got bored and went home. But let's not forget who their friends in high places were when Occupy appeared to be a rising star.

Let's also not forget who supported Occupy's anarchist style if similar protesters make their anticipated appearances in conjunction with the upcoming Democrat and Republican national conventions. If those protests come, national ads along the lines of Harrington's might be very effective in reminding folks who embraced and applauded mayhem as a political tactic.

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