Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Why I may boycott today's election

For the past two weeks, I've been barraged by political robocalls. Only three times during that period did I get calls from live people trying to enlist support for their candidate. And just once did an actual candidate call.

Yesterday, the day before today's runoff election in Gwinnett County, Georgia, I probably got 20 to 30 robocalls. This was a huge distraction for me as I was trying to work from home, and I missing a 'real' call might mean missing out on business.

I suspect one of the reasons my household gets targeted with all these calls is that we vote. In primaries, in general elections, in runoffs. My likely voter status has made me a target.

But anyone blasting me with robocalls is not someone who respects my time or is looking out for my best interest. I'm so put off by the telephone abuse I've taken (and from what I can tell, every candidate on the ballot today took part though some were far worse offenders than others) that I'm tempted to say "scr---  you" and just stay home.

Then again, there's one candidate that's been targeted with such a vile and vicious smear campaign, I may show up and cast a vote only for that candidate. And from what I recall, that candidate's campaign or its surrogates only robocalled me twice.

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