Tuesday, September 4, 2012

About that so-called "War on Women"

Last April, I suggested the Democrats' claims of a Republican War on Women sounded more like a Communist-style class war theme than an election year talking point to be pushed by the American Democratic Party.

Well, looky what I found!

From: Communist Party USA
Here's a Communist Party  webpage inviting participation in a conference call on the subject. Too bad I didn't see this until after the call was over. And I don't see where the Communist Party USA has published an after action report describing what concerns were raised on the call by its class warriors.

Today's Democrats really do sound more like the party of Lenin or Sam Webb than they do the party of Johnson, Kennedy or FDR. Listen closely as the Democrats meet in Charlotte. Will they tone down the rhetoric to appeal to a mainstream American audience? Or will they ratchet up the socialist hyperbole in an effort to energize their radical Leftist base?

By the way, the Communists aren't running their own presidential candidate this year. Just like they did in 2008, they're putting their party's clout, whatever it may be, behind Mr. Obama and the Democrats again this year.


  1. Is that Obama next to the podium? Or just some other Communist empty chair?

  2. Great post. You have me thinking, actually. All of the politically correct isms really come from commies (Marx), so it's not surprising the "war on women" would, too.

    1. Next time you hear Obama or some other Dem say that Republicans are regressive, remember that Communist revolutionaries used that very same theme against their adversaries.