Thursday, September 6, 2012

An example of representation in Congress?

Stephen Colbert had a humdinger of an interview this week with Democratic Congresswoman Yvette Clarke who represents the Brooklyn area of New York City. Colbert asked Rep. Clarke, if she could go back in time, what would her message be to Brooklynites of 1898?

Here's a partial transcript:

Clarke: I would say to them, Set me free

Colbert: From?

Clarke: Slavery.

Colbert: Slavery, really? I didn't realize there was slavery in Brooklyn in 1898.

Clarke: I'm pretty sure there was.

Colbert: Sounds like a horrible part of the United States that kept slavery going until 1898.

Clarke: Uh...

Colbert: Who would be enslaving you in 1898 in New York?

Clarke: The Dutch.

The New York Daily News notes New York legally abolished slavery in 1827. And the Dutch ceded control of New Amsterdam in 1674.

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