Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Defining progressives

This week's Woodpile Report does a good job defining progressivism. Here's just a slice of it:
It's enough to know Progressivism is Hamiltonian to condemn it outright. They claim omnipotent government—or more precisely, regulatory power wielded by alleged "independent experts"—must be and cannot be other than just, efficient and incorruptable. There is no ideology they say, it's all fact-based and even-handed. We recognize this immediately as the Philosopher Kings of Plato's Republic, not rule by divine right but by right of alleged superior intellect. They say they're deserving of unconditional enablement by reason of noble purpose and unbiased methodology. This is why Progressives consider dissent to be mere ignorance or malice. This is why undoing even their more egregious outrages is "turning back the clock". This is what Forward! means to a Progressive.
The message from Ol' Remus is especially timely as Democrats attending their convention in Charlotte attempt to lecture us into submission this week.

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