Friday, September 7, 2012

FEMA and the CDC bring back zombie themes

Federal emergency managers and planners are still using zombies to engage new audiences in disaster and other emergency preparedness programs and activities.

For an example, here's CDC blog post from earlier this year featuring clips from from cable's The Walking Dead. The series is fiction, but the CDC suggests the show includes some teachable moments.

Zombie awareness was highlighted in FEMA webinar earlier this month. Some communities plan a big zombie prep push in October to capitalize on a Halloween tie in. So you may hear more from government and other agencies about prepping for a zombie apocalypse in the the coming weeks.

I find a touch of irony in the timing. Have we ever had a disaster preparedness push timed to coincide with national election?

And zombies aren't the only ploy the government's tried to spark in interest in preparedness.
Earlier this year, the CDC tried to get us jazzed about disaster readiness using a wedding planner theme. Nice try. But compared to zombies, it kinda fell flat.

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