Thursday, September 20, 2012

Is the old lady in denial?

Frances Fox Piven insists the Occupy movement is not dead. In an essay for The Guardian, Fox Piven says it's just trying to evolve as it moves to the next level after grabbing a few headlines last year:
...movements that make an imprint do more than communicate. They also threaten to exert a distinctive kind of power that results from refusing co-operation in the routines that institutionalized social life requires. That is the power that workers wield when they walk off the job, or that students muster when they refuse to go to class, or that tenants have when refuse to pay the rent, or that urban crowds exert when they block streets and highways. In principle, it is also the power that debtors might mobilize if they threatened to default on their loans. This sort of disruption – in essence, the strike writ large – is harder to organize than a rally or a march because people will fear reactions, which are likely to be swift and harsh. So, the protesters have to figure out how to defend themselves.
Does Fox Piven really see something afoot here? Or is she just among a gaggle of aging leftists who cling to a fantasy of revolution, but who fail to see the new culture of government dependency they helped create may have preemptively bred the fight out of the very people they thought would carry their dreams forward?

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  1. That's been her goal for decades, for people to default on loans, stop paying their bills, etc. The trouble is that the occudregs are mostly homeless and as such useless to her cause. But she wraps her arthritic anarchist claws around them as the last, best hope for the destruction of America. Sad, really