Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Money as a drug of choice

Two lines from a Daniel Greenfield post at Sultan Knish:
The left talks about community a great deal, but their vision of community is a giant till where everyone is forced to put their money and their bureaucracy decides how many people get to keep what percent of their money and how many get to keep other people's money. There is none of the individual responsibility that makes a community work, only the obligation to follow orders all the time for the greater good. There is no community, only ranks of addicts waiting to be taken care of.
Money is our current drug of choice and like all drugs it appears infinite. We are buying our own debt and selling it back to ourselves and lending ourselves the money to buy our own debt in a spiral that seems beautiful and sensible to an addict, but is a complete disaster to anyone still functioning in the real world. 
The big question: How much longer can this go on before things finally fall apart? I'm not at all optimistic that either the enablers or the addicts are willing to admit there's a problem. I'm not at all sure they even see it.

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