Sunday, September 2, 2012

Positioning and politics

Daniel Greenfield offers up another outstanding piece of political analysis. This one with heavy focus on 2008. Here's an excerpt:
The Obama brand was positioned as cool and youthful, in the same way that soft drinks are. And the public was told over and over again that McCain was old and crazy, that Palin was stupid and crazy, and that both of them were uncool. Probably the most constant message repeated through the election and today, is that the Republican is for "old people". In marketing terms this is worse than being called a Nazi. 
Read the whole thing at Sultan Knish.

You've gotta understand how the game is being played today. Greenfield's telling is clear and concise. And, for me, it brought back memories of book I read 30 years ago in a marketing class.

Marketing is all about Positioning. And it really is a battle for your mind.

My copy of Positioning is one of the few books still on my bookshelf from my college days. It usually rests not far from another I acquired in that era and have referenced in previous posts: Milton Mayer's They Thought They Were Free.

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