Saturday, September 22, 2012

Roosevelt High girls' rifle team

In another of our occasional series of photos documenting a long tradition of women involved in shooting sports and activities, this weekend's offering comes from fall of 1942.

The photos are from the the Office of War Information Collection at the Library of Congress. Photo captions shown here are also from the collection.

"Victory Corps, tomorrow's defenders of liberty. Standing at ease are uniformed high school Victory Corps girls on the rifle team. Riflery is one of the many war-time training activities offered by the Roosevelt High School in Los Angeles, California" (photo left)

This sharpshooter is captain of the girls' rifle team of Roosevelt High School, Los Angeles,
California. Rifle practice is one of the phases of the activities of the school's Victory Corps

At Roosevelt High School, Los Angeles, California, one of the Victory Corps 
activities is the girls' rifle team, which practices on the rifle range in the school's basement

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