Sunday, September 16, 2012

There will always be an excuse

In the Middle East and elsewhere the excuse of an movie (or is it just a YouTube video?) demeaning Muhammad is being used as an excuse for anti-American violence by Muslim mobs. And the U.S. government seems to be falling in line with the assertion.

Over the weekend, the alleged filmmaker was detained by authorities in Los Angeles and questioned. For now, he's been let go.

But a study by our own government seems to reflect a more basic clash that's feeding the violence Muslim on American violence. Our culture and Islamic culture are drastically different. The study I speak of is the one published last year by the U.S. military that sought to find the root causes of Afghan security forces turning on their American allies and committing murder. I've mentioned it before here and here.

No YouTube videos were mentioned. But members of Afghan security forces cited a number of other cultural reasons for animosity against Americans. For example, Afghans apparently take great offense if Americans attempt to intervene if they see a dog being tortured. 

"How we treat dogs is no one's business; the Koran is very clear about the low status of dogs," was among the quotes cited from focus groups with members of Afghanistan security forces.

Violence unfolding around U.S. embassies isn't about a cheesy YouTube clip. It's part of a larger war targeting the U.S. and the Western Civilization that's been underway for a long time. No, not all Muslims are taking part. But conversely, many Americans fail to see the scope and significance of what's taking place because their own politically correct cultural bias won't allow them to see it.

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