Friday, September 28, 2012

Today's 'Don and Doug' is live at 1:00 pm EDT

There's plenty to talk about. These topics will probably make today's list:

A professor at West Point is warning over 'far right' violence in America. Is he really worried about Kluxers, skinheads and militias? Or is he more concerned with recruiting and pandering to progressive sponsors for the independently funded think tank he's in charge of?

More promises of a fix in Europe fall apart. Do people really think riots will get them more stuff when the money's not there to pay for it?

A perennial candidate issues a warning over Mitt Romney. Don and Doug will revisit some of their similar concerns from earlier in the election cycle.

The show starts at one o'clock. And we do take calls if you'd like to chime in at 678-344-9926.

You can listen through the TalkSouthRadio site or access the stream directly by clicking  here.

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