Thursday, September 6, 2012

What Democrats aren't saying about General Motors

A huge chunk of the Democrats pitch to reelect Barack Obama is built around the narrative that he saved the auto industry, especially General Motors.

The claim itself is questionable. But Democrats also fail to mention some other stuff. Like outsourcing. More and more of General Motors seems to be packing up and going to China.

Under Mr. Obama's watch, news reports indicate General Motors is moving (or has moved) its more advanced research and development operations to China, and is expanding R&D operations in Canada while cutting R&D jobs here in the states.

And GM relocated its headquarters for all international operations to Shanghai in 2011.

Do we see a trend here?

Why don't the politicians or the union workers ever get beyond the usual Democrat talking points and mention this stuff? Is it because they don't know it, or that they just don't want you to?

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