Friday, October 26, 2012

Don's take on Benghazi: Treason

Don and I discussed the latest revelations in the Benghazi consulate attack this afternoon. As Don sees it, the government put people into harm's way. And abandoned them when they called for help. Was it cowardice or treason on the part of the decision makers?

Don's bio from our TalkSouthRadio site:
Don Dickinson is a retired US Army Colonel of Infantry, a retired businessman, and a retired educator. He has seen the world, read its history, killed our enemies, and connected many of the decisive dots woven into the fabric of reality. He believes that America is in deep trouble but the way out of our perilous times is to rediscover the best ideas and ways of thinking that got us to the pinnacle of American greatness. We have been badly deceived and it is time to take off the blinders of nice and get on with the values, critical thinking, and true knowledge that will restore American greatness.
We spent a good chunk of today's show assessing the Benghazi mess. The entire October 26th program is available as an On-Demand offering at

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