Thursday, October 25, 2012

Good stuff

I had a leaky gas tank that needed a quick fix. This stuff called Seal-All seems to work.

I came across an old Powermate generator that hadn't been used in years, had the carburetor rebuilt and gave it a test. Generator, powered by a 1994 Briggs and Stratton engine, ran fine but after about 20 minutes, a very slow gas leak or leaks appeared at the bottom of the gas tank under where a support brace had been welded on.

After I did an Internet search for a replacement without much luck, I thought I'd look for a repair option. Several positive reviews for Seal-All showed up online, so I picked up a tube at an auto parts store. I applied it to the tank around the edges of the welded bracket. A couple hours later, I refilled the tank and gave the generator another run.

No leaks. I usually don't let gasoline sit in a generator, but I've let this one sit with gas in the tank for a week now. The repair still holds.

Yes, I'll keep looking for a replacement tank. Exact fit or one that can be modified. But until then, Seal-All appears to be solid stop gap fix.

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