Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Gun banners to exclude opposing viewpoint at event. Do invited media participants endorse this move?

When advocates for more gun control and select members of the media gather in San Francisco later this month, those holding a Constitutionally protected pro-gun position based on the Second Amendment will apparently be denied admittance.

One Second Amendment advocate has already had his ticket money refunded and been told he's not welcome at the upcoming program sponsored in part by the Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence. Details are reported at the No Lawyers - Only Guns and Money blog.

It's interesting that an event held on a publicly owned college campus with free admission to students and faculty, and paid admission available to others, reserves the right to refuse admission to anyone the organizers' choose to exclude.

Appears to me, it's the First Amendment as well as the Second Amendment that's under fire here.

Do the journalists on the panel advocate for censorship as well as gun control? Do the news organisations that employ these journalists understand the biased and exclusionary nature of the forum their personnel are participating in?

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