Monday, October 1, 2012

Imprinting and the public's political mindset

Did you see the recent post by radio talk show host Brian Wilson over at Lew
Wilson sees signs way too many voters have already been locked-in, with their minds already imprinted to vote Obama.
The Romney campaign reassures us with the notion that its non-stop carpet bombing of campaign commercials in October will change the outcome. I wish they were right, but fear they are not. By that point the "imprinting" will have already been complete, and the effect of the Left getting into the public’s mind first with brilliantly propagandistic emotionally charged advertisements, and the "persuasion" will be complete. 
I think Wilson's on to something with the imprinting. I've had several people open up on me with opinions about how wrong Romney is on many things (though they usually can't get beyond a line or two with alleged specifics).

Star Trek: The Next Generation, a TV series of 25 years ago, tried to warn us of this. At the time, most viewers dismissed as wild fiction the idea of intelligent people being assimilated into the Borg. But we are indeed seeing people's minds being politically imprinted in a similar fashion, and they seem to be unable to think for themselves once they succumb.

Same thing happened in Nazi Germany. Or in the sacrifice centric cultures of Mesoamerica.

A thinking people with the ability to use logic should be able to see the dangers of such group-think. But once group-think and imprinting takes over, logic is lost.

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