Friday, October 19, 2012

Mower inflation and modification

I had a part break this summer on the engine of my much used riding lawn mower. I bought the mower five years ago for around $700. Because the engine's maker ceased production in 2008 and the company's changed hands, a key part I need is no longer widely available.  After scouting parts the past couple months, it looked like it would run about $325 plus labor to put the engine back in service.

So, I went to price mowers the other day. One comparable to mine now runs around $975 at big box retailers.

Long story short,  I've found a new replacement engine that will work for $375. Looks like I'm going to go the engine-swap route. And I can probably do the swap myself. If I get another five years service out of the unit, I'll be happy.

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