Sunday, October 7, 2012

Scavenger nation

I put some stuff on the curb this evening in advance of Monday trash pick-up. A couple of old vacuum cleaners disappeared between my leaving them there and my next trip down with more stuff.

As night fell, I put out some old, inoperable florescent light fixtures, along with a couple of non-working space heaters and some old power tools. Even as I was putting them on the curb, a car stopped and backed up.

A woman got out. Said she'd seen the stuff by the road when she drove her son to Bible study, and she made a point to swing back by. I helped her load the back of her SUV. Every little bit helps these days, she said.

I've seen suburban moms cruise for curbside castoffs before. Old guys in pick-up trucks too. Some trash day mornings, I keep watch and keep count how many cars or trucks make a pass though my neighborhood looking for something to salvage. At least two, sometimes four vehicles make the rounds most collection days.

If you'd told me five years ago that curbside scavenging would become such a common occurrence, I'd have had a hard time believing you.

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