Monday, October 1, 2012

Some holes and questions in the Fast and Furious report

"We found, as we outlined in the report, we struggled to understand how an operation of this size of this importance, that impacted another country like it did, could not have been briefed up to the attorney general of the United States,”  Inspector General Michael Horowitz, U.S. Department of Justice, regarding Operation Fast and Furious.

Here's video of Horowitz giving testimony about the the OIG Fast and Furious report as published by the Government Oversight Committee of the House of  Representatives on September 20th. The committee session begins about 8:32 in, the comment cited above comes at 1:27:00:

Also included in Horowitz's testimony were comments (beginning at 0:37:24) explaining that parties from the White House and the Department of Homeland Security declined requested interviews to provide a more complete investigation.

Lots of holes here. And apparently not a lot of intellectual curiosity by the American public. The video here has only had around 600 views since it was posted on YouTube last month. Shorter clips have also generated similar low levels of viewership.

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