Thursday, October 11, 2012

Sprucing things up before winter and "fiscal cliff"

Not a lot of time spent posting the past week. The next few may be light as well.

You've heard of spring cleaning. Well, I've embarked on a bout of fall reorganization.

Among the things that have me otherwise occupied: I'm going through household items and things like hand tools, and taking stock. Which items can I surplus to regain space. Which items need some TLC. Which are candidates for replacement.

One night's tasks was to inspect and clean my socket wrench sets and some other hand tools.  I seem to have acquired a bunch of them over the years. Sometimes buying new, at other times picking up other's cast offs. Amazingly, among my best socket sets is one I bought in the late '70s to carry in an MG Midget I was driving back then. It appears that set is USA made genuine stainless steel. Some of the more recent acquisitions were chromed and made in China, and they're been prone to growing patches of rust if not maintained from time to time.

This year's reorganization binge is a little more thorough than most. In addition to being prepped for severe weather that winter might bring, we also have a fiscal cliff forecast for January 1. What are the chances financial burps could lead to hiccups in retail inventories? I figure it's best to target any shortcomings or needs now, and maybe stock ahead a few more everyday supplies.

Just in case.

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