Thursday, October 4, 2012

Tactical zombie target?

Do people really buy stuff like this? The ad says this tactical zombie target will bleed where hit.

I find it hard to believe this zombie would hold up under a lot of shooting practice. Especially if peppered with high power or hollow point rounds. And eighty bucks is a bit steep for a disposable target. 

Seems to me, if you shoot outdoors, go for a steel target that'll last a life-time (or at least a year or two). Or use tin cans like we did as kids. If you're shooting at an indoor (or even an outdoor) commercial range, you're probably stuck with paper only options anyway.

Before blowing eighty bucks on a zombie that'll presumably be worthless after one trip to the range, I'd suggest targeting a cheaper target. And plow the difference in price into more ammo or more post-shooting cleaning supplies. 

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